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ZNPay a.s.

21 September 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

We celebrated the 4th anniversary of the official registration of ZNPay.

When we founded the company, we were pioneers in lobbying for new payment methods through direct banking. Although we had a total of about 75 years of experience in the field of payments, we had no idea at the first stage that obtaining a license would take us practically years. We are glad to have it.


What did we get for our 4th birthday? A new environment connected most banks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We are now focusing on putting it all into practice. We have a unified API available, and we can reduce transaction costs by more than 50%. So let's use it together and celebrate.


Miroslav Pekárek for the ZNPay team



Miroslav Pekárek, CMO & COO

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