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Start accepting mobile payments!

How would mobile payments work in my shop?

Different solutions for different merchant profiles – choose the one that is most suitable for your shop!

  1. Print QR Code on a receipt or display it on a screen / tablet, and have the Consumer to scan it buy his mobile phone (most suitable method for restaurants or self-service kiosks in a supermarket as well as online retailers). 

  2. Scan the QR Code on the Consumer’s mobile phone screen (most suitable for cashier desks in supermarkets or petrol stations)

  3. Your Bonus & Loyalty Program initiates the payment.  Via merchant API you can directly get confirmation of consumer payment. 

  4. You can easily integrate into your EFT-POS solution and connect your POS system through EFT.

What can the ZNPay loyalty program do for me?

  1. All payments of your consumers are tokenized and stored directly in ZNPay Cloud.

  2. You can get access to your Merchant profile on the ZNPay Cloud and have a possibility to generate loyalty campaign for the group of your consumers by rules defined by you or you can use some of them from the template. 

  3. Loyalty engine is able to send PUSH or SMS notification about your direct offers created for your consumers.​

  4. If consumers will agree you can store his preferences and payment details which can be used for white listing his preferred payment methods for easier strong customer authentication.

  5. You can offer discount from your product supplier which will generate interest of consumers to visit your shop and you don't need to loose your profit margin. 


Do you already have a loyalty program from other supplier?  

No worries, connect the supplier with us and we shall help him to integrate his program with our mobile payments solution!

Apply for mobile payments acceptance today!


Integrate ZNPay payment solution with your application for merchants and earn commission from the mobile payment volumes!

How does it work?

  1. ZNPay provides SDK that the Partner integrates with his own merchant solution

  2. The Partner sells his solution to a merchant and negotiates terms of contract on mobile payments acceptance on behalf of ZNPay at the same time

  3. The Partner collects required KYC information

  4. The Partner receives commission from Mobile Payments processed via his solution for the whole period until the relationship between the Merchant and ZNPay ends

Need more help?​  Contact us by e-mail and we shall be in touch soon! 

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