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Pay with confidence


Pay with confidence

Save time and money with ZNPay’s mobile payment solution for consumers and merchants.  We are revolutionizing the way we pay for goods and services using the latest in banking, mobile and information technology.  

Our payment solution enables secure account to account mobile initiated payments at merchant locations. PSD2 payments offer an exceptional fraud protection mechanism and instant notification by an e-mail.   

No need to carry a wallet full of receipts and search for them in vain when needed.  We store all invoices and receipts for you for future reference.   

Realtime bonus & loyalty and self-scan applications can be equipped by our payment App.  Increase customer loyalty and save operating expenses with ZNPay.


Using instant transfers from one account to another, insured institutions are always in possession of your payments.  We are no wallet – your money never leave the bank.  

Payment with Peace of Mind


key features

Connect Unlimited Accounts and Cards

You can connect several account at one time

  • Create your unique Digital Payment Identity and use it any APP supporting payments.  


  • Have a clear overview of all your finances
  • Capture your payment cards and use them for frictionless payment in any App
  • Enjoy using your accounts for direct payment


  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Pay by direct payment through your banking account
  • Pay by payment card virtualized in your App
  • Set custom spending limits

Enable your mobile phone to securely pay for your shopping

Use ZNPay plug-ins to pay with your favorite mobile phone application. You can pay whenever and where payment modules from ZNPay are implemented.

It is simple:  Pay in 2 steps:

  1. SCAN the merchant’s QR Code


Integrate with Loyalty and Self Scan and ECRs 


  1. SCAN the QR Code


Is it secure?  Absolutely, more secure than paying by a payment card!

  1. Payment function is protected by 2 customer authentication factors (payment cards have only 1)

  2. Payments are permitted only against an invoice or receipts from the merchant

  3. Only merchant acquired by ZNPay can issue the relevant invoice or receipt

  4. Two-way communication prevents fraud

  5. Neither the invoice or receipt nor Consumer details appear in the public space

  6. Smart phone is impossible to clone (unlike a payment card)

  7. Information about a payment is instant - by e-mail

  8. Approvals and notifications are instant

  9. All communication with your bank is via a secure API interface like your internet banking

  10. All your data on our system are encrypted

What happens if I lose the phone or buy new one?

  1. Each ZNPay app is restricted specifically to your access credentials;

  2. All payments are limited to only registered merchants of ZNPay.

  3. We are here to support your changes, via the website 24x7.

Use your Loyalty Account

  • Receive direct promotions
  • Manage your vouchers


  • Let additional value from your mechants

Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

All security tools are using banks API. User and transaction authentication are at the core of our application working directly with your bank's authentication methods. If you trust your mobile banking application from your bank that you can trust ZNPay application.

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